Concert spectators in front of a bright stage with live music

What I Offer

The musical component is a big deal, whether a wedding or a corporate event; this is why I ensure my customers are always satisfied.

What To Expect

  • In-person consultation for event details
  • Contact 2 weeks prior to the event to confirm event details, updates, or changes
  • Available by phone or email anytime
  • DJ arrival is 2 hours prior to the event start time
  • Music tailored to your event
  • Requests welcome

Performance at the Events

With years of experience as a DJ, I have had the privilege to perform at many events, including:  

  • Christmas Parties 
  • Weddings 
  • Stampede Parties
  • Sports Events 

No matter the occasion, if you require a DJ for events, connect with me for expert DJ services.

if you'd like to talk to me about your next event